We’re back baby!

I went ahead and re-created my blog. This time using a fancier theme and I’ll actually be updating it! In the past few years I’ve learned a ton and have come a long way from where I started my last blog, I think that deserves a full refresh.

I worked as a Software Test Engineer, System Administrator, Service Engineer and QA Lead. My skills have really grown but I’m constantly learning and pushing myself to learn more. This blog will be updated with past things I’ve learned from various projects and personal exploration.

My future plans are to keep working towards some awesome things, while learning and growing in my free time. For the last year or so I was really into infosec, staying on top of latest vulnerabilities and testing my skills with HackTheBox (which you should totally check out if you’re interested, it’s super cool).

Currently I’ve been more interested in programming and creating applications. I have a few things I’d like to create in 2019. An app to search out the nearest good weather, a custom blog for myself, and a few other surprises. Be sure to stay up to date!

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